Discover the world of Trikes Frames

At Paramotors HE, where adventure meets convenience. Our trikes frames offer a unique paramotoring experience with the freedom of wheels. Explore our range of meticulously designed trikes frames, each crafted for durability, comfort, and performance.

Our Trikes Frame Models:

Choose the trikes frame that perfectly complements your paramotoring adventures.

Smart Trikes Frame: Simplicity Meets Thrill

The Smart Trikes Frame is the embodiment of simplicity and thrill. Designed for pilots who value straightforward operation and exceptional stability. It’s the ideal choice for those stepping into the world of paramotoring on wheels. With the Smart Frame, you’ll experience the skies like never before.


Smart Comfort Trikes Frame: Elevated Comfort

For pilots who prioritize comfort during their paramotoring journeys, the Smart Comfort Trikes Frame is the answer. Crafted with an emphasis on comfortable seating and control, it’s perfect for extended flights. Enjoy the exhilaration of the skies with the added luxury of comfort.


Smart Dual Trikes Frame: Two Seats, Endless Adventures

The Smart Dual Trikes Frame offers the ultimate paramotor and trike experience for two. It’s designed for pilots who enjoy sharing the excitement of the skies with a passenger. Whether you’re flying with a fellow enthusiast or introducing someone to the joys of paramotoring, the Smart Dual Frame provides stability and comfort for both


Key Trikes Frame Features:

Sturdy Construction: Our trikes frames are engineered for durability and stability, ensuring a secure and enjoyable ride.

Comfortable Seating: Each frame is equipped with comfortable seating, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the skies.

Effortless Take-Offs: Our trikes frames are designed to provide ease of use during take-offs and landings.

Smooth Maneuverability: Enjoy smooth and precise control while soaring through the skies.

Customizable Options: Personalize your trikes frame to match your preferences and needs.

Choosing Your Trikes Frame:

Selecting the right trikes frame is a significant decision. Whether you seek simplicity, elevated comfort, or the joys of sharing the adventure, our range has an option tailored to your needs. Our expert team is here to assist you in making the perfect choice for your paramotoring and triking adventures.

Maintenance and Support:

Our commitment to your paramotoring and triking journey doesn’t end with the purchase. We offer comprehensive maintenance and support services, ensuring your trikes frame continues to perform at its peak.

Explore our trikes frame models and embark on thrilling paramotoring adventures with the convenience of wheels. Begin your journey towards comfortable and exhilarating experiences today.