Since 1999, Paramotores HE specializes in the design and manufacture of ultralight engines.

The engines manufactured in our factory are studied for the specific needs of the flight in Paramotor.

The paramotors we manufacture benefit from all the attention and experience of our team. They are exceptional flying machines built to be versatile and sturdy.


We have facilities of more than 1.000 m² to 34 km southeast of Madrid.

Before launching a new product on the market, we set several research and development tasks. Then, we rely on our pilot network to test our new “flying objects”. This information allows us to tune our products and move on to the production phase.

For parts that are not made in our factory, we look for the best national and international suppliers. We then assemble the motors, trikes and paramotors in our factory and ship the products worldwide using the platform of the Madrid – Barajas International Airport.

You can order the products by our international sales network.


Our passion for the paramotor is the commitment of our team. As professional paramotorists, we are committed to developing machines of high quality and strength. We work for the safety of the pilots and in listening to the requests of the customers to develop this sport in a lasting way.

Since 2007, Paramotores HE has been certified D.U.L.V. This German certification, certifies the interpretation, safety and reliability of our machines.


In order to make our customers flying more and better, we established our after-sales service. Today, with our guarantee program, we can be proud to offer one of the best after-sales services on the market.

Our products benefit from a post-sale warranty, as long as they are used in compliance with their manufacture.

All motors and paramotors are supplied with a complete and detailed operating manual, where the warranty conditions are clearly stated.