Welcome to Paramotors HE:

Elevating Your Skyward Adventures Since 1999


At Paramotors HE, we believe that the sky is not just a destination:

it’s an ever-unfolding canvas of boundless possibilities.

Since 1999, we’ve dedicated ourselves to crafting the finest paramotors and ultralight engines, each a testament to precision engineering, unwavering commitment, and a profound love for the art of flight.


Discover our range of meticulously crafted ultralight engines.

 From the agile MV-L to the powerhouse MV-2, each engine is a masterpiece of engineering, designed to elevate your paramotor experience to new heights.

Explore our motors and embark on your next skyward adventure with confidence and power.

Unleash the true potential of flight with our range of paramotors.

From the versatile MV-1 to the powerful MV-2, our paramotors are designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

Take your passion for paramotoring to new heights with our state-of-the-art machines.

Explore our meticulously designed paramotor frames.

 Each frame is a testament to precision engineering, durability, and performance.

Whether you’re an experienced pilot or just starting, our frames provide the stability and reliability you need for safe and exhilarating flights.

Discover the world of paramotoring with our exceptional trikes.

 Engineered for comfort and control, our trikes allow you to take to the skies with ease.

Experience the freedom of flight like never before as you soar above breathtaking landscapes in unparalleled comfort.