This engine has been built for pilots who want simplicity and to fly an easy to handle equipment. It is recommended for pilots weighting 85 kg.

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For an extreme use of this engine, the forced cooling ensures a constant performance in any flight conditions. This engine has been designed for the pilots who prefer the propeller to remain in a static position when the engine is stand by mode.

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With this engine we get a lower weight due to removing the centrifugal clutch and the forced cooling adapting it’s use exclusively to the paramotor.

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It has the same characteristics as the Airmax with clutch, but a lower weight in order to benefit paramotor fans who prefer to avoid a lot of weight.

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For extreme use of the engine, forced cooling ensures constant performance in any flight condition.

The Airmax with forced cooling is ideal to equip the single and two-seat light weight trikes.

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The electric Airmax is the ideal engine for the pilots weighting more than 80 kg. and seek maximum power, it´s recommended for launching on trikes or tandems, it has the advantage of being able to be used with electric or manual start, the manual being a little lighter.

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R 90

The R90 is modern, innovative and revolutionary.

This engine has been especially designed for light weight pilots who want innovation.

Ideal for pilots weighing 50 to 74 kg.

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R 125

This engine guarantees a low noise operation, due to helical gears, air filter and muffler system.

The R125 is small, sturdy and powerful. It is the ideal engine for pilots weighing 75 to 94 kg.

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It is the newest engine in our range.

An innovation for the users of paramotors that are looking for a constant power while carrying less weight, being the lightest engine for a displacement of  125 cc.

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MV 1

Compact and lightweight.

It is the most desired engine for all the drivers looking for power, few vibrations and a good push. The MV1 has been designed to withstand a maximum weight of 160 kg and is ideal for taking off both on foot and in trike.

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